The CIM Ultracel Grain Body is a combination from the best of two proven designs. The cross member floor provides the best in strength and durability while minimizing overall box weight providing better strength per weight ratio than smooth bottom grain body. The uniweld construction of sloped ribs and continuously welded internal seams prevents moisture from seeping between the sides at the floor and eliminates rust. The Ultracel is simply providing a combination of the best of both designs to meet today's farming needs.

Standard Specifications for CIM Ultra Cel Grain Body

42" 48" 55" 60" 65" Wall Heights
11 Gauge Steel Floor on 2" x 4" Steel Cross Members 12" On Centre
2" x 8" Tubular Steel Long Beams
12 Gauge Side Panels for Superior Strength and Finish
3" x 3" Tubular Top Rails, Corner Posts and Centre Post Provide Maximum Strength for Heavy Payloads
Easy Clean Out Eliminating Grain Traps
D.O.T. Approved Clearance Lights with Enclosed Wiring with Heat Shrink Connections
Aluminum Exterior Body Ladder with Inside Box Rungs
3 or 4 Piece Swing Out Endgates with Removable Header Bar for Full Width Access No Tools Required
Endgate Framework Designed to Keep Grain In and Moisture Out
Fast Discharge Grain Chute to Feed Large Augers with Dual Runner Slide to Accommodate Optional Grain Deflector or Flex-A-Hopper Spout



Available Options
Hydraulic or Mechanical Lift Silage Gate
Silage Taper Packages
Roll Tarps
Box Window
Remote End Gate and Hoist System
Air Operated Hoist Controls
Flex-A-Hopper Chute Extensions

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